Dynamic Leverage

This product is designed to manage risks and to provide services for high-risk trading on Forex market. The technology has very flexible settings and allows one to set rules which affect and change the trading terms for all participants. It supports integration with other products. Integration is necessary for correct calculation of commission payments.

Basically, the Dynamic Leverage is a plugin used to control the leverage of trading accounts depending on the Equity or Balance level of user accounts and to change the Margin during a preset period (News, etc...).

How it works

First of all, the Dynamic Leverage is a good risk management tool, which helps you to avoid an exposure risk caused by a very large position opened by a client on the account with a high leverage level. Above that, with Dynamic Leverage, you do not need to make a firm rule to limit leverage level for clients with large deposit size. You will provide your client with a better solution - offer a high leverage level, but at a certain point will start to reduce it. This kind of approach is an ideal compromise for both sides.

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Key advantages:

User - friendly interface

Auto leverage change on a preset basis

Flexible settings (can be customized from each symbol individually)

Different modes of calculation: Forex, CFDs, Indices

Customizable client notification system

The margin for already opened positions can be recalculated after leverage change or this will affect only newly opened

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