МТ Cloud

A revolutionary development that allows you to fully automate the connection, launch, and work in the automatic mode of Expert Advisors for MT4/MT5 developed in the MQL4/MQL5 language.

Easy to install

Your customers will no longer connect, buy, configure, and manage complex virtual server systems (VPS) and the like. It will be enough for them to visit your website, download their advisor, indicate access to the trading account, and watch the advisor performing trading operations. For a client, this greatly simplifies the process of connecting an advisor, for a broker, it increases the sales volume of clients interested in trade using advisors and, most importantly, makes it possible for any client to use advisors in their trading. Everything happens on a cloud server, which ensures a totally smooth operation and communication with the broker's server.

Order service
How it works

A separate client MT process is launched on the server for each client. There is no difference between the client launching his terminal on his computer or VPS and launching a separate process on the server. These are essentially the same processes, the difference is that we do this unlimited number of times for any number of clients.

Key Features:

Ease of use

Increased sales for the Broker

Full emulation of client MT

Cloud server reliability

Order development of MT Aggregator
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