Multi Account Manager

Have no idea how to stop clients from leaving your company due to a lack of experience in trading? Or you want to provide quality traders with convenient conditions for money management? An advanced MT4/MT5 Multi Account Management (MAM) solution is what you need to reach both goals. MAM solution allows the asset manager to manage multiple sub-accounts from a master account by splitting the trades' margin requirements between them. In turn, a trader without experience has the opportunity to benefit from investing into MAM account by getting his percent from the manager`s profit.

How it works

When the trader opens a position on his master account, this will be automatically reflected on the corresponding sub-accounts according to the parameters set by the Investor and vice-versa, when an investor deposits or withdraws funds, the master account will synchronize instantly and perform partial positions' closure along with commission payout. The asset manager gets a commission for his performance (so-called performance fee) as well as gets a percentage of the revenue.

Key features:

Unlimited number of managed accounts

Possibility to manage multiple accounts from a single account

An investor is allowed to modify trades according to his preferences

An investor is allowed to withdraw from MAM account at any time

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